Colouring Book of Manchester

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Colouring Book of Manchester


I turned a few of my photos from my home city of Manchester into a colouring book to help raise funds for a local Manchester Charity

You can make a big difference

For £10, you get


✅ A unique Colouring Book of Manchester (Digital download PDF)

✅ Help a local Manchester Charity, We Love Mcr Charity

✅ To improve the lives & life chances of people & communities in Manchester

✅ 50% of every sale is donated to We Love Mcr Charity

✅ Great gifts for adults & kids & help with mindfulness


Beautiful work, and supporting our Community Response Fund too! Thanks Shiraz ❤️🐝

We Love Mcr Charity, @Mcr_Charity


Download a copy 

#ColourInForGood 🖍 #ColourInMcr 🐝

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This is brilliant 👏 Photos of Manchester turned into a coloring 🖍 book and 50% of the proceeds go to a local charity. I missed out on a trip to Manchester this year, so I will enjoy the city through these drawings until I can visit again ❤️🐝 #ColourInMCR

Xenia D, @XGoddess


If you're missing the streets of #Manchester, check out this AMAZING colouring book from @madeinmanc featuring some of the city's loved spaces and places - a great activity to keep busy this Bank Holiday weekend ❤️

Manchester Museum, @McrMuseum


What an AMAZING idea - take your colouring to the garden ☀️ or curl up on the sofa ☕️

Northern Power Women, @NorthPowerWomen


Brilliant initiative helping people of all ages across Manchester with their mental wellbeing whilst helping the fantastic @MCR_Charity well done @madeinmanc 👏❤️🐝 #ColourInMcr ✏️🌈🌇

Adam Mitcheson, @AdamMitcheson


Wow!! These are amazing! Thanks for making these available for everyone 👏👏👏

Carl Austin-Behan OBE, @CarlAustinBehan


Where did this idea come from?

It all started in my home city of Manchester in the UK when we had our lockdown due to COVID-19. I wanted to support a local charity in my city and I came up with the idea to turn my photos of Manchester into a colouring book and it really took off



Where does the other 50% go?

My dream is to create #ColourInForGood colouring books. Where every colouring book I make. I will partner with a local charity or local institution to raise funds for them. And help people practice mindfulness through colouring in a city they love. 

The other 50% goes into trying to make this into a viable and sustainable project for good


What other Colouring Books have you done?

Colouring Book of Houston 🖍

I want this!

You'll get a PDF Colouring Book

50% of every sale
Donated to We Love Mcr
118 MB
15 pages
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